Archéologie du chaos (amoureux) - Mustapha Bendofil

Archéologie du chaos (amoureux) - Mustapha Bendofil

Archéologie du chaos (amoureux) - Mustapha Bendofil


Archéologie du chaos [amoureux] order. This novel portrays the current evils of the Algerian society with provocative and transgressive humor. Mustapha Benfodil (born 1968 in Relizane, Algeria, lives and works in Algiers) is a novelist and a journalist at El Watan. He was awarded the Mohammed-Dib 2020 prize, which rewards a young author writing in Arabic, Amazigh and French. order . published ...

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Keywords: Mustapha Benfodil, Archéologie du chaos (amoureux), contemporary Algerian literature, 'écriture de l'urgence', 'décennie noire', Algerian Civil War.Cet article propose une réflexion sur les langages de l'« urgence » développés pendant et après la « décennie noire » (les années 90 durant lesquelles l'Algérie fut fortement marquée par la violence) qui informèrent la ...

Mustapha Benfodil Mustapha Benfodil was born in 1968 in Relizane, in western Algeria. He is a novelist and playwright, and works as a reporter at the Algerian daily newspaper El Watan.His books include Zarta (Editions Barzakh, 2000), Les Bavardages du Seul (Barzakh, 2003; prize for the best novel at the first Algerian Festival of the Novel, 2004), and Archéologie du chaos [amoureux] (Barzakh ...

The main focus here is Mustapha Benfodil’s most recent novel, Archéologie du chaos (amoureux) (2007). The article suggests that the ethical imperative of the 1990s has been rethought and remapped by writers, outside of the hegemonic national narrative and reductive press receptions of novels common during the ‘décennie noire’. If initially cautioning against using literary fiction to ...

(2016). Figure of an Anartist: Keeping Local Francophone Literature Engaged with Mustapha Benfodil's Literature-action. Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: Vol. 20, The Contemporary Roman Maghrébin: Aesthetics, Politics, Production 2000-2015, pp. 48-57.

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