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StephenBrise от 8 марта 2018 02:46
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Shawnveibe от 23 марта 2019 00:07
Such beautiful pink eye candy and oh so glittering with pink fairy sparkles! Mel's gorgeous home is nestled in a pink fairy forest. Of course an extra special thank you to Mel's little Pink Santa helper! I have a little blessings sign in front of my keyboard! Consuela is Pink Santie's little helper! Have a beautiful and blessed Pink Saturday! Either position yourself in some shade or have someone shadowing the lens with a piece of paper or something. This drama is all about following your heart, even if it was someone else's first. That sounds a bit creepy, but this heartbreaking tale is about loving someone for a decade without ever seeing their face. Its no secret that people of San Francisco are proud food lovers, and they should be! The towels are woven in a very special manner that does not allow the threads from the place to come out. Then come angels, love, hope, forgivenes, family time, yummy treats and decorating!

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